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Town planning information

Whereas town planning information is being issued to notaries public more and more frequently and as this is a heavy burden for the Municipality;
In view of articles L 1122-30, L 1122-31 and L 1331-3 of the Local Democracy and Decentralisation Code;
In view of the Walloon Region Circular of 8 September 2005 on the 2006 budget for Walloon Region municipalities and especially on the list of taxes drawn up according to actual costs (time, salary cost, other charges);
Whereas the Buildings Acquisition Committee, working on public - including municipal - assets, must be exempt from this fee, as the final cost of this dossier is paid by public monies;

DECIDED unanimously

Article 1:
For the 2009 financial year, a municipal fee is established for issuing administrative information to notaries public

Article 2:
The fee is payable by the notary public requesting the information. Any similar request from any other person will also be subject to the same fee, payable by the applicant.

Article 3:
The fee is not due if the request is submitted by the Finance FPS's Buildings Acquisition Committee.

Article 4:
The fee is set at 25 euros per plot number or block of plots (a block being made up of a maximum of 5 adjoining plots).
The fee is due when the request is submitted.

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